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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Show me the Way!

My reflections papers have somewhat mirrored what I have been writing in my blogs. Theology of Church was  our final course until this fall. As we study where the Church has been and where are we going there seems to be more questions than answers. How are  we ever going to overcome these challenges before us? I have fought some pretty tough demons, and I'm at a place right now that is "good" and one that I never would have imagined five years ago. My journey through the times of confusion and illusions proves to me that Hope exists. We need to trust in God's plan and not our own, and we need not be afraid. We need to get down to the basics, or the core of our existence. Our core, our source of life Jesus Christ will guide us and lead us no matter how many times we fail. Here is a little video from someone who adapted the song Show Me the Way by Styxx....

So on the eve of Mother's day I say may God Bless all Mothers, thank you for all that you do and who you are, and remember when you see the light you will believe!

Adieu mes Amis!


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