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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Wow! Did I ever believe that just several questions would take me over for a weekend? Not a chance! This journey is like none other that I have ever walked before. Words take over me like, Presence, Trust, Love, Balance. These are but a few of the words that cause me to reflect and dig deep inside of me for answers.  Our formation weekend on the person of Jesus continued to be like the one's before, to be much more than I could imagine. You probably all know that I love camp fires, and honestly the feelings that I have can be described as a fire. Consuming, intense, burning, and something so bright that it always seems to draw me in. Fr. John noticed something special about us, it's a Love that is deep inside of us.

Last night I was reading the May issue of Columbia (Knight's of Columbus) and I was looking over an excellent article about the story of Of Gods and Men. The title of the article is called Following a Greater Love, and it states that Of Gods and Men, a film about Trappist monks in Algeria, illuminates the meaning of the Christian vocation. You all should try to find this article and read it. I will offer a small excerpt that moved me......

"In one scene, a Muslim girl asks one of the monks what it is like to fall in love.
But the monk, Brother Luc, gives a most amazing answer:
"There's something inside of you that comes alive, the presence of someone.
It's irrepressible and makes your heart beat faster.
It's an attraction, a desire"
When the girl asks Brother Luc, if he has even been in love he answers,
"Yes, several times,
And then I encountered another love, even greater.
And I answered that love"

And what is your answer?????

Adieu mes Amis,


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