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Monday, May 30, 2011

A Weekend to Remember!

It has been a while since I posted anything on this blog, call it writers block, fatigue, allergies or probably all of the above. For whatever the reason I just couldn't come up with anything new to write about, and you know what? I think it's just fine.

I sheltered myself in the house for a couple of days trying to get some relief from my allergies. I will be making an appointment tomorrow with a doctor to see if there is anything different I can do. My allergies keep me from sleeping at night, and when it hits I usually suffer from coughing fits.

Yesterday, I was on the schedule to give the Precious Blood at Liturgy. I was really debating whether I should go at  all and I decided it would be best to at least try. I have told you all that our Pastor Fr. Mark has made sure that our Parishioners are aware of our journey and especially the past two weekends he has listed our Rite of Candidacy in his personal comments section as dates to be aware of. Upon entering the church a couple greeted me very warmly and offered their support.  When presenting the Precious Blood one distinguished man said " God Bless you Mitch!" After we had all returned to the altar  Joe congratulated me and offered a very touching comment that really humbled me and drew tears to my eyes. I have said it often and I can't say it enough, the support of our parish is just unbelievable. This is a journey that Mike and I aren't walking alone, both parish communities are walking this along with us.

Last night being Sunday night is also my summer bowling night and some dear friends from Manchester who camp in Shelburne in the summer invited us over for supper. You all know how much I love bowling, and Patty said you're giving up bowling tonight? I said " I just don't do that for everyone!" Again, a nice little trend of spending time with people I Love and sharing a wonderful meal with.  I was fortunate that the allergies didn't hit until a little later, where we could enjoy most of the evening together.

Today being Memorial Day and vacation for me, I got up early enough to attend our morning prayer group at 6:15 am. It was great not having to worry about what time it was and just enjoying the time spent in prayer. I also attended Mass this morning to cap off the morning. I'm home spending time with Terry and finally getting back to this little blog.

Oh, I forgot one other detail of this weekend. On Saturday Terry called to me and said you have a letter from the Bishop. I looked at the front and said "How do you know it's from the Bishop?" Obviously I forgot to look at the back and said "Oh!"  The letter was nice and the welcoming news to Candidacy was great! Mike and I commented that it was special but didn't quite carry the thrill and the anticipation of being accepted last July.

Well, I believe that I have more than made up for what was missing from last week with only one posting. This week begins with the anticipation of the coming weekend. I am so looking forward to being with my other family this weekend, our last formation weekend in our Aspirants year. 

I hope everyone enjoys their week and please continue to pray for all of our Aspirants and soon to be Candidates, all 23 of us, our wives of those married, and our parishes who support us through prayers, words of encouragement, and also financially.

Adieu mes Amis,


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