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Friday, May 6, 2011

Time to unpack!

I'm still doing some reflecting on this past weekend, and it is good! One thing that the frequency of these weekends has given us is more time to meet and get to know more of the other aspirants and their spouses. I love being in Plymouth with one exception, and that is we don't spend time with you folks in the south. Our only real opportunity comes on our formation weekends. I got to be with Chris and Michelle a little on the court and spend some time with Jim. Jim made a point that I really liked, it's been a while since the last Diaconate program and we will be the first cut in a long time, and the first cut (hay) is always the best. I agree, we have some very special men willing to serve and we have great support.

When Fr. John talked about the story about the master and the vineyard hiring people at different times of day and all receiving the same pay, cause an epiphany for me. As a businessman I would never want to work for someone like that, after all why should the reward be the same for those who didn't work as hard or as long. Then it came to me, we have all been called to work in the vineyard by the Master at different times in our lives and our reward will be the same. Yeah, God is so generous and we need to encourage more to work the vineyard and get the job done. 

Last night was our last trip to Plymouth for this year, the feelings are mixed. I don't really want it to stop, but I need time to start unpacking and integrating what I've learned so far this year. I've learned so much in the class room and I have learned so much just watching how my mentor and pastor Fr. Mark serves. He has taught me many valuable lessons without saying a word. I am truly blessed for his presence in my life.

To my aspirant family and supporters I wish you all a very blessed weekend and I wish that Our Lord Jesus Christ send his blessings upon all the Mothers out there.

Adieu mes Amis,


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