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Monday, July 25, 2011

French Fries & Fried Computers!

A summer ritual that Terry and I enjoy is a trip to Old Orchard Beach in Maine. We both have been going to Old Orchard at least once a year for probably as long as we have been alive. I'm sure our French Canadian heritage has something to do with that. I just love the atmosphere and the large crowds. Yeah! I know it is commercialized etc. etc. but it still is a must go place in the summer. I also have another reason to go there, Pier Fries! They have to be the best fries in the world. Pier Fries, vinegar, and salt a wonderful summer tradition. I love the waves, excellent for body surfing (no bogey boards for me) and you definitely will see someone from home any time you go there.

Well, if you haven't noticed I haven't posted anything for some time. It isn't because I've had writers cramp, it's much worse. Our hard drive was fried by a power surge and so today is the first day were back on line since last Tuesday. I hope you all survived the heat and I will be posting again soon, got to catch up on lost time.

Adieu mes Amis,


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