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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I saw you in Parable!

Tonight after the 4 pm Mass we had a gathering to welcome Fr. Kyle Stanton our new Associate Pastor and to say goodbye to Fr. Steven Lepine. At the reception, at least a dozen people mentioned that they saw Mike and I in the picture. Terry and I looked at it yesterday and we both thought Tom looked like he was flexing his muscles. Tom is the one to right of the Bishop as you are looking at the picture. Don't we look like the best body guards a Bishop could ask for? While checking out the rest of Parable I noticed the picture of the food distribution event that we had in Berlin. I saw a tall gray man to the right with a gray hooded sweatshirt (Boy's in the hood remember) and a dark blue vest. Wow! I didn't think I was that gray. Yeah, it's me smiling as usual. Anyways, tonight I have to say that I am most proud to be part of something very special, and that without a doubt this group of men are probably some of the finest men this state has ever seen.

Good day my brothers, God Bless you and until we meet again on the 20th......

Adieu mes Amis!


PS Terry and I are headed to my best friend's house for......you guessed it, a fire!

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