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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


For the last month I have been the Lector at the 9 am Mass on Sunday morning. In some ways it is a routine and then again not. The very nice part is seeing all the faces at a very well attended Mass. The best way to describe it is that there is "life" in the celebration. It is wonderful to see all the familiar faces, just like Cheers where everyone knows your name. But, do you know what is even better? When you look around and see someone you know and think wow, have they come back?

I have been talking with my assistant manager about seeing different faces and commenting that I think there are more people attending Mass on Sunday's. She felt the same way, but you know you are never really sure if it really is happening or just wishful thinking.

Yesterday I had a service call to do at the home of friends and customers. They had a blind in their bedroom that wasn't working right and I went to get information to find out if it is still on warranty. After struggling to remove the blind and retrieving the numbers, the couple said "we are going back to Church, my son recommended and encouraged us to go back." They were so excited to share their story and the enthusiasm was contagious.This was one of the couples that I thought were coming back to Church. The husband asked me about my vocation and I had a few minutes to explain it to him, but I was really excited to see that spark and that look in their eyes.

Imagine that, it wasn't wishful thinking and they're excited to share the Good News of coming Home! There is definitely something special happening here in Berlin/Gorham, a renewal, a revival, a new Spirit! I'm so excited to witness it. My former Pastor mentioned a phrase "Ministry in the marketplace", it happens and it is real. So next Sunday look around, look at the many faces, maybe you'll see someone you haven't seen before. Say hello to them and don't be surprised that the Spirit moves them to share their joy and excitement with you.

Bonsoir et Adieu mes Amis,


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