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Friday, July 8, 2011


It's Friday and it's time to reflect on the holiday shortened week that was. Monday was awesome. Praying in the Adoration Chapel with Mike M. and attending Mass at 8 am. I was able to also attend Mass on Tuesday evening down in Gorham. Fr. Mark was the celebrant and two words were used that caught my attention. On Sunday he had spoken about paradoxes, how at parades horses have been used for so many years especially when the warriors or kings would come back victorious from battle. Fr. mentioned how our Lord used that when he entered Jerusalem triumphantly, yet not on a horse. The paradox of Jesus using an ancient tradition and turning them upside down, and yet without the fanfare and extravaganza that we are all accustomed to.

Tuesday night Fr. Mark spoke two words in his homily. One I was very familiar with "Nike" and one that I was totally unaware of "Nika". He explained that Nike was from the Greek language, the goddess of victory. I'm now sure that the selection of the name was carefully thought of by the founder of the company. Then Fr. explained the word "Nika" which is very similar with Nike, with the exception of just one letter. The word Nika means "Jesus Christ conquers" in Russian. Wow! As a salesperson some of my thoughts were moving as to t-shirts being made and cute slogans. This could really take off! Wait, shouldn't someone else have thought of this already and done it? Again, without fanfare the message can get out and it all depends on us.

On Wednesday I got the chance to talk with Fr. Steve about his soon to be move to another church as pastor. It was nice to have a one to one with him even though it was only for a few minutes. I promised to pray for him and support him in any way that I could.
I guess sometimes it is time to let someone go and yet stay as close as possible. He shared how he handled the looming death of another friend and how important it was to have even a few precious moments with them.

Lastly today, and this has been a Spirit filled day. I met with a friend who confided in their struggles again. I spoke to this person by relating the life of St. Therese the little flower and how this person needed to focus on the little gifts we receive each and every day. This person was encouraged by the support and asked for my prayers. This morning before prayer time I read the Scriptures which spoke of not worrying about what to say, and sure enough the words came to me and the hope that only Jesus can bring was conveyed.

Today made me realize and reflect on what a friend commented to me about this blog. He said that I noticed that you seem to find the Lord in the little things that happen in life. And so it happens through the intercession of St. Therese I passed on her message of looking for the many little gifts or messages we receive each and every day. I guess today the radar was fully functional at least for the right moments.

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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