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Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's your attitude?

Growing up, the word attitude is one I've heard many times for very different reasons. You know the terms, change your attitude, boy do you have an attitude, and so on. Several years ago I made a change in my workplace and the first change was my attitude. Working for a large corporation can be very frustrating at times, with the only constant being change is the norm. I decided that I have two choices in life, to live with and accept the changes that will always come before me, or make a career change. I decided the first choice was the only choice and I'm glad that I'm still with this company. I even put a message on my cell phone that read "attitude is everything" and I would always see it whenever I turned on the phone.

Today I went to the hospital for weekend ministry. I was warned that the hospital had made changes (remember change is the norm) and we now have a new procedure to get our list of Communicants, and with a new change it didn't go very smoothly. I had to wait a half hour and then because of the new system she was unable to retrieve a list for me. Our parish director had given me two names that she wanted to make sure I would go see. I got the room numbers for those two and headed to the fourth floor.

We almost had a class reunion of sorts as the lady at the desk, a nurse, and myself had all gone to school together since the sixth grade.The main topic was the new computer program which wasn't on any ones top ten list of favorites.

The first gentleman I saw was bedridden with some issues in life, but his attitude really stood out with me. His faith, his Love of the Lord, and his positive attitude was just wonderful. We both grew up on the east side as we spoke of times when we were both young. He was much older than I, but his eyes lit up like a teenager whenever we spoke of our first home.

I wasn't there for very long with only two people to see and one them was sleeping, so I prayed outside her door. When I left I spoke to the receptionist and she mentioned that she just had her first cold in 15 to 20 years and I said " wow, you have really been blessed!" She mentioned that she was old school, she said "sick home, or sick at work, might as well be at work!" Again another person with a wonderful and very positive attitude on life.

So as I part, "what is your attitude?"

Adieu et Bonjour mes Amis!


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