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Scenes from my first Christmas

Yes, this is my First Christmas.....as a Deacon of course. Fr. Andrew reminded me and the entire congregation of that, along with the story ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Terry and I were looking forward to gathering with all the Deacons and candidates at a picnic gathering on Saturday. I spent some time planning everything, checking the location and punching it into my gps. I had all the bases covered, we should arrive at the gathering around 10:30. I missed a turn and then followed with blind allegiance the gps. We headed down a dirt road and Terry kept telling me..."maybe we should ask directions?" My response was "I'm going to trust the gps". After seeing a few cars turn around and scraping the bottom of mine a bit I saw a hill and said..."I'm not going up there!"  Well we back tracked and traveled down a dead end road and a lady gave me directions to turn around and head to Raymond. Funny, it seemed to me that this wasn't the first time that this had happened to her.

I stopped at a local hardware store and received directions to get to the park. Again, the gps wanted us to go another way, but this time I listened to the directions I received. The directions were awesome and we were soon at the park. As we got out of the car a nice gentlemen said..."you must be a candidate!" Wow, was it that obvious? Well we made it just in time for dinner. Everyone was so nice and asked us how long it took us to get there. Our answer..."four hours!" "Huh, what happened" was there response. I said I have a new gps called "dumb-dumb!" After all the laughs, we ate, and reminisced with everyone. It had been a long time since we were together, and it was great to just be there! The time passed along quickly and soon everyone was leaving.

Terry and I had called Tom and Lynne to say "Hi" and to ask if they were up for a visit later on. With an early departure we were soon at their home and spent time with them.We were treated to a great supper that we won't soon forget. The evening was just beautiful, a gorgeous sunset, a fire, but best of all...... "time" spent with friends. 

It was a very full day for the two of us and I wouldn't have changed a thing....eh, correct that, I would have listened to Terry instead of the dumb-dumb!

Bonsoir mes Amis!


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