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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What is your treasure?

I'm sure in the past that I have mentioned that a single word, seems to find it's way inside of me and takes me over. So what is the word at this time? Treasure! A few weeks ago in the Gospel of Matthew we hear the Lord speaking of acquiring a valued treasure. I have been reading the Book of Sirach in the Old Testament and the word treasure jumped out again a couple of times. I read the value of a great wife being a treasure to her husband, and the same goes for an excellent friend. Today in the Word Among Us I read where the author discusses Jesus as our ultimate treasure.

 My wife is away at a conference tonight so after work I popped into the Church to do Evening prayers and just to sit, reflect, and be in His presence. I thought about all the treasures that I have and how much each and everyone of them is so important to me. In this time of economic distress and confusion, where it's really easy to worry about our 401K's, it's even more important to really value the treasures that we have been given.

Bonsoir et Adieu mes Amis,


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