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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A foreigner, a gentile, a dog!

Preparing for Mass today I read all the readings and the Gospel for the day. A common thread that I found was that everybody was welcome in God's kingdom. All foreigners, all the gentiles, and even the dogs! Wow!

How would this be viewed in our politically correct world in which we live in? In Isaiah we are welcomed to the house of Prayer, in Paul's letter to the Romans he is speaking directly and welcoming the gentiles, and in today's Gospel Jesus rebukes a Canaanite woman who in His time were viewed as the very low, a dog. Obviously not with the same affection that we view dogs today.

I was struck with the way the woman was persistent with Our Lord and not giving up. She was literally arguing with him and defending herself in a very humble way. Would I have acted the same way when I would have heard these words. I would hope that I can learn to be as persistent, humble, and faithful whenever I really need Christ's help.

My heart has been stirring ever since this morning and to hear Fr. Kyle's take on this was just wonderful.

We are all welcome in the House of the Lord, say Hi to someone today!

Adieu mes Amis,


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