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Saturday, August 27, 2011

You ain't seen nothin yet!

Yes, I know very poor English on this headline. While reading the Gospel this week we find Jesus talking to Nathanael..."Keep watching. Have faith. You haven't seen anything yet!" (wau July/August 76)  Honestly when I read the passage I thought of the song from BTO "Baby you ain't seen nothin yet!" Remember I am over 50 for those of you who don't remember BTO!

In the past few weeks there have been some incredible things that have happened to me, that have left me in awe. I have been in the middle of situations that without a doubt in my mind the Holy Spirit put me there to be Christ's voice, His touch, and sometimes just his presence.

Mike called me this week to touch base on the weekend and to let me know how his weekend went. We then got on the topic of how special events have been occurring in our lives, Mike made a comment that I won't forget..."Amazingly events have been going on in our lives, and now I am more aware of them!" He mentioned that as great as it has been, it's also sad that many are oblivious of Christ's presence in their lives and of all the wonderful things they could see and be a part of if they became a little more aware of Our Lord.

So to all of you out there....."Keep watching. Have Faith.

You haven't seen anything yet!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis!


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