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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vous avez un bon coeur!

Yesterday I happened to run into my seventh and eighth grade parochial french teacher at the IGA. The grocery store has been a magical place for me for many years, after all that is where Terry and I met and the rest is history. Well anyways, I saw my teacher there and of course I said hello in french to her. She was a little surprised but definitely happy to see me. She said congratulations on your new career! Of course I said "merci beaucoups" and told her that I will soon be returning to classes and I still have three years of studies to go through. She said with a smile...."vous avez un bon coeur"( you have a very good heart), and you will do very well.

Of all the compliments and the words of encouragement that I have received this one was indeed very special. I began my french studies in Kindergarten and this teacher introduced Parisian french to all of us. She was very precise, and patient in her delivery, but most all I remember her as a very kind and loving person.

Of all the messages Our Lord has sent to me this was definitely not a whisper! This all occurred in just a few moments and all it took for me was to say "Bonjour Madame....!

Bonsoir et Adieu mes Amis!


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