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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ministry of Presence!

I've spent the last two days trying to get ready for this coming weekend. It begins again with morning prayer at 6:15 am and it is part of our time to get spiritually fit. Yeah, spiritually fit. We are only three men but the thought of being the one to miss out really motivates us to gather together. After morning prayers we recited the rosary together and now our day truly begins. I'm really loving this vacation week, where I don't have to rush to get anywhere at all.

I then stopped by to see my mechanic (a brother knight)  and asked if I could get the oil changed in my car, it was a little overdue. They gave me a ride home and he would call me when it was done. I then called to see a doctor asap to work on my health, allergy, congestion, lack of sleep. The office scheduled me that day with Dr. Cardenas (a brother knight). We got the call from the mechanic and we took all three dogs for a walk to pick up the car. Terry went in to pay and asked if I had already paid. I said "no", and she said that the bill was marked paid and he told her to put the check book away.  The knights have been awesome helping me out this year, I guess this was just another measure of support that he could provide. God Bless you!

Soon it was time to go see the doctor. After I registered I met a friend who is also a parishioner and spoke with her for a while about her upcoming move. I told her I was happy for her but also sad to see them leaving Berlin. It was great just being there for her and offering her some support in this time of transition. As I sat down to reflect on this, all I could think of is how often and without notice that this has been happening to me. It also reminded me of what Fr. Mark called "Ministry of Presence" that just happens when you just don't expect it to.

I met with Dr. Cardenas and the appointment went very well and I'm already getting some relief from the sinus infection that I have and allergies. I picked up Terry after the appointment to get the medications prescribed and we walked around the store waiting for them to be filled. While waiting I couldn't help but think about the Book of Sirach that speaks of Doctors, Nurses, and those who dispense and provide us with the medications to heal our bodies. These are all gifts from God and we need to learn to trust in them. I usually procrastinate from seeing the doctor and as I look back I definitely wasted a week of suffering that was needless. I guess I need to read that passage again.

Today we have already recited our morning prayers, I had reflection time and I attended mass this morning. I love to wear bright colored clothing (Terry hates this) and as Fr. Mark was heading back to the Sacristy he touched my shirt and said " Does this have batteries?" You got to love a priest with a sense of humor. I met with him afterwards to light up the room, congratulate him on his anniversary, and pick up an alb for Sunday. 

I'm back home and next thing is to get ready for a long overdue hair cut. Tomorrow I plan to see my daughter in Portsmouth to wish her a happy birthday and then come home and get ready for this weekend.

Enjoy the day and be ready for anything that comes your way!

Adieu mes Amis,


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