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Saturday, October 8, 2011

One down....

Thursday night again was a very great evening to be a part of this technological world. Unfortunately we only had two out of those eight evenings that were relatively event free.

The best part of the classes has to be the discussion time that we are having. I know we all feel that we are getting the most out of this course when we can gather and share. Tom even mentioned something that we did last year, that we aren't doing now. I guess we probably have been a little tied up in this new techno stuff and forgetting what brings us all together.

About a week ago prior to having our Tuesday night pizza party we gathered in a circle held hands, and Steve lead us in prayer. Yes, something very special has been missing before class and we all agreed that we would not forget to pray before class again.

So now that we have two whole weeks off from class time, what will you all be doing? I will be doing something I absolutely love to do! Bowl on Tuesday nights with my best friends and all my friends. Giving up my favorite past time for part of the year was probably the hardest thing I had to do. I need this as much as Mike needs to run, as Tom needs to exercise, etc. etc. When I'm there I can set aside anything that bothers me and I can focus clearly and relax.

Today Terry and I are keeping busy around the house as I am beginning my next vacation week. I have a few plans for home improvement projects that I will be sharing with my Dad and my brother.

I would love to share a quote with all of you that I read this week.....
"Cultivate happiness,
and scatter it around!"

Bonjour mes Amis,


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