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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A little bit of Martha and a little bit of Mary!

Tonight will be the final class for the Synoptic Gospels course. We finally had a class with no interruptions, and I say thank you so much for your prayers. The connections was superb and we didn't cringe even once waiting for the problems to start. I am having second thoughts about this tele-conferencing stuff. I met with our school superintendent today and shared our good fortune and told her that I might support this for upper level students.

Today is a wonderful day, Berlin is back! Those were the words echoed by our Mayor as we are breaking ground for a new Biomass plant here in town. I haven't seen so much positive energy in this community for many, many years. I got a chance to meet up with several people that I know and we are all looking forward to a new spirit returning to Berlin.

Now you may ask what's up with the title of this blog. Well I was thinking about something that happened earlier in the week that made me think about these two ladies in Scripture. I can honestly identify with both of them, and yet I can honestly say that at times I could be too concerned about the details of getting things done and missing the most important parts. What is most important in my life is the people (my treasures), their lives, their feelings, and making sure I have a balanced relationship with them and the rest of my life. I know I missed an important opportunity to be present for someone in need, and fortunately I had the chance to share my thoughts and feelings with them a little later on that evening. I've got to work on this balance thing and realize that the Martha and Mary in me have to be worked on also.

Bonjour mes Amis,


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