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Saturday, October 22, 2011

We gather together!

On Thursday evening our little group from "Plymouth are you there?" gathered together in Gorham NH. There was obviously no class, but Tom our site coordinator wanted us all to be together and he insisted on making it easier for Mike, myself and our spouses.

We really love being together in each other's company. I know Terry and I would have traveled to be with all of them, and without speaking for the others I'm sure the feeling is mutual.

We weren't together for very long, but honestly it's very special when we are together and none of us seem to be lacking for words to say.

Classes begin again next week, I've registered for the Step class with a few challenges and I'm keeping myself busy reading ahead for the up coming class. I'm wishing you all a very blessed week and I ask that you all pray for our youth this week, especially those who are in shelters or detention centers, and also for their care givers.

God Bless you all my family for being a very important part of my life and may God Bless all of you who are following my journey. I ask also for your continued prayers for myself and my brother candidates.

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis!


PS NO! It isn't snowing yet up in Berlin!

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