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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Always the aspirant!

Some of you may have noticed that even though since June our group is now officially known as candidates, I haven't changed the name of my blog, and honestly I really don't intend to. I guess the easiest way to explain this is for a couple of reasons. First being, it took me a while to think up of a name and it would probably cause some confusion and unnecessary changes if I decided to change it.

But the real reason is that I think that the word and what it means to me suits me just fine. The more I'm on this journey the more I realize that I will forever be aspiring to be more than I am. I'm proud of the changes in my life, but I'm also well aware that I'm still the sinner who needs reconciliation. I'm humbled by the fact that He picked me for a special mission, and like a good team player I don't want to let Him down, even though I know at times I will.

What I'm most proud of is something very simple but extremely precious. Terry again last night mentioned what she loves the most of what is going on in our lives is that we talk and listen to each other better than before.That comment has been coming my way more than ever before. We have made some changes in our lives and obviously the results are an additional benefit through subtractions. 

Bonsoir et Adieu mes Amis!


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