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Thursday, December 22, 2011

"You Called?"

For many years now I've taken vacation time wrapped around Christmas. For the past few years something magical has been going on. My best friend has been well aware of this time, and he knows I would do almost anything for him. It seems like every year he calls and asks for me to do him a favor and pick up a Christmas gift for his son. About a week ago I reminded him of this and asked him if he was better prepared this year! He just looked at me and laughed. He hadn't asked yet, but I just started my vacation.

Yesterday he called, and I wasn't around at the time. I called him back and said "you called?" All he did was laugh after I asked the question. I knew what the answer was and he tried to explain to me that he had a plan that didn't work out. I couldn't help but laugh at him as this has become a new Christmas tradition. He offered to pay for the gas and even buy me a sandwich at Subway! Wow! Talk about sweetening the pot.

Well Terry is off today and when she gets up I'll ask her if she wants to join me on an road trip for my buddy. After all, aren't traditions what our lives are made of?

As far as my spiritual calling is concerned, I'm better prepared for Christmas than than I've been in the past. I made an appointment with our new associate for reconciliation and I have to say I'm really happy with my choice of confessor.There's a lot of wisdom in this young man, and he's going to only get better. I met with my pastor/spiritual director last night just to keep in touch and share with him my thoughts and solicit his impressions. He is a tough man to meet with, but the extra effort is really worth it. I relate very well with him on many levels and feel very comfortable with him. He shared a small book with me to read that was spiritual. I think he's getting to know me well.

So this week I'm juggling two calls the Lord's and my best friend. Ironically they are two in the same.

Bonjour et Joyeux Noel mes Amis!


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