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Sunday, December 18, 2011

"And it was worth it!"

If there is one thing that I tire of is overused cliches. You know the ones "think outside the box!" yuk!, "if by doing this I can help but only one person, it would be worth it!" You hear these and so many all the time, you sometimes wonder if they really mean it. I'm referring mostly today to the one about helping only one person, and would they really be satisfied if one and only one benefited by what you did!

I have a couple of stories to share that reinforce the benefits of doing good if only  one person gets it. On Friday morning Terry and I attended a funeral Mass for a friend, and we were looking to sit with my folks. On the way to be with them Terry met with a friend who is in her grieving ministry program. She had recently lost her husband, and this will be her first Christmas without him. As we were walking by, this woman reached out to Terry and she embraced her very deep and tenderly. The eye contact was amazing and the embrace was one of true love and sharing. I was extremely touched by the event. Even though they have a small group, there is good that is coming out of this and it is definitely worth it!

The next occurred last night at a local store. I didn't really want to go because I wasn't feeling very good but it was a chance to be with Terry so I said yes. We weren't in there for very long when a young girl came running up to Terry and again it was a wonderful sight to see. It was an embrace of warmth, love, and caring. They spoke for a while and Terry asked me to leave them alone. I continued the errands and soon Terry was back with me picking up the final items. Terry had a glow to her, that was very special. As we were leaving we met up with her once more, and again they hugged each other. Terry asked if the truck was unlocked and then asked the young girl if she wanted to see our dogs. They grabbed each other's hands and raced to the truck like little school girls. Again, this was a tremendous sight to see that has left me in a very emotional mood. This morning during prayer time all I could think of is what happened the last few days. I asked Terry permission if I could share the details of these events with all of you, and she said yes!

I remember telling Terry last night that even though she has a tough job, was there any doubt that at this time in her life she belongs with these children. It isn't her first choice, and definitely not second or third, but it is definitely the Lord's choice.

Again, looking back at what transpired before my eyes......"I would have to say that ....
It was worth it!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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