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Monday, January 24, 2011


Yesterday at Mass our Celebrant was Fr. Mark and since his arrival he has been known for sharing a joke with everyone at his sermons. The congregation loves it so much that yesterday he shared one that someone passed on to him. It was a great joke that loosened up everyone and then he tied it in with his sermon. I can't say enough how fortunate we are to have him leading our parishes.

In the spirit of sharing, my assistant manager shared with me a little article she thought would be appropriate in my blog. The article dealt with people making quick judgements on anyone. It really got to the point without a religious twist. The author alerted people how often times we are all guilty of this. We look at an overweight individual whom we believe is ordering or eating the wrong foods and  they obviously just lack self control. You may see a mother trying to deal with an agitated child, and some might say..."can't she control that child!" Everyone who is on welfare is lazy and a drain on society and should just get a job like everyone else. The examples could go on and on!

I have been guilty of this at some points of my life. It is easy to make quick judgements on people without knowing them or trying to understand them. The answer was rather simple in nature. Don't look and judge, share a kind word, smile, be different from what they are used to seeing. Change begins one person at a time, just like Jesus did! Our mission is to be like the Master and attempt to do one on one ministry. Jesus didn't do mass healing, he dealt with the most important person in the world at the time. The one in front of him!

Bonsoir mes Amis!!


PS. school starts up again Thursday night for us pioneers. Good luck to all of you!

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