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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So when are you going to be quitting your job???

I don't really understand it, but there is this belief out there that I'm going to quit my job to be a full time deacon. In the past few weeks I have been fielding this question, along with the question of how long will it be before I am a deacon, maybe 6 months??? Yeah, six months in a crash course would be outrageous. My assistant manager is also being asked if she is excited about being the manager of my store real soon!!

I'm not kidding about all of this. I guess there is a lot of excitement and there is need for a little bit of communication out there. I kind of wish Fr. Mark would describe the process to all the parishioners, but I think I would be missing out on an opportunity to talk with people and personally answer their questions. People are going out of their way to talk to me and I find that the door is open for me to share the good news with others. So to share the the news I've completed two courses, and passed both of them. I have completed two weekends one informational and one extremely enjoyable and being of the formation side of studies.

My next course starts January 27th at Plymouth State University and the course will be New Testament. It's been a nice break and I'm actually getting anxious to get going again.  Obviously the days aren't boring I work 48 hours a week as manager of the Berlin NH Sherwin-Williams store, I'm league secretary of the Sunday Couples Bowling league, and I sponsor and bowl on Tuesday's Commercial league.  I'm faithfully maintaining my journal, my prayers, and I meet one morning a week for prayers with 1 Deacon, 1 Aspirant, and two other men in our parish. I'm also planning to start weekend ministry at the hospital very shortly, you know a little training here and there and proper identification is required. You gotta love this red tape world we live in.

All in all I keep fairly busy working, squeezing in time for Terry, and keeping up with this blog. So to repeat to everyone out there I will not be quitting my job for at least 12 years, when I hope I can retire!!! Oh! Is anyone else out there fielding this issue! Please let me know that I'm not the only one!

Bonsoir mes Amis, Adieu!


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