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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The pen, the ball, and what's my line!

What's this all about? Well with a New Year before us I'm tackling one of our challenges, writing a daily journal! I'm on a roll I have taken the time to write a little something each and every day of what is going on in my life. It may be something funny, serious, or somewhat significant, either way I jot it down. I read the Word Among Us daily and saw a 2011 Journal book for sale. I ordered it and I really love it so far. Yeah, I know it's been only a few days old but like new beginnings they have to start somewhere. Remember, we have all been encouraged to do so and I can see why? Good luck with yours.

Yes, once again I'm bringing up one of my favorite pastimes. Bowling is a guarded passion of mine. Good night, bad night, it's always a great night. I get to lose myself and just have fun. Fr. Mark and I will be on the lanes eventually. There is even talk of having a parish bowling night out, I think I could chair that event. Anyways, find your passion and let it roll! I know corny, but I warned you!

Yes I'm old enough to know what this show is all about! I have seen the original in reruns of course and always enjoyed it. So why is this significant? Well Friday night we will be having our monthly whole community catechises event and the topic is discipleship. Again, so what? Well the organizers thought it would be neat to have people come up and answer questions to allow the participants to guess which disciple you are. I won't reveal which one I am in case some of our parishioners are attempting to cheat and win the big prize, whatever it is.

So in a nutshell this is a snippet of what is happening in my life before the next class begins, and for the northern contingent it is January 27th at PSU. (We still have room available)

Bonsoir mes amis!



PS, what's up with the visual effects. Two reasons, when I first became league secretary in the Sunday Couples league I started a tongue and cheek newsletter to roast people, spice up the league, and get everyone energized. It worked, people really enjoyed the graphics and I had fun with it. Secondly, our last formation Brother Mark reminded me that we are people of senses and the sense of sight can often times be lost. So voila!

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