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Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's my line......and the answer is???

Would the real St. Peter
Please stand up!

Last night our parishes held the monthly whole community catechises, and the topic was discipleship. The leaders organized ten volunteers who would answer questions about themselves and the audience would guess which disciple each one of us represented. I represented St. Peter last night. I did a little Internet homework to be able to give just enough information to get a glimpse without giving it totally away.

I was thrown for a curve ball right away as Fr. Mark read the gospel of John and it described to a T exactly who I was if I answered the way I had planned. I had to change it up enough to make it a little more difficult for everyone. It appeared to be a big hit with everyone as the audience was really getting into it.

Wanted Disciples of Jesus

Must be willing to go where ever needed
Must be able to handle rejection
Must be flexible
No experience required or special skills needed
The Boss is willing to train anyone
Fringe benefits are out of this world!!!

The last part of our night dealt with what it would take to be a disciple. We discussed the job description as this was a sample of what we came up with. A few of us shared about what we felt was our calling and Emilie our teacher asked me to share and I felt it important to share what is going on in my life and what will be expected of me. I have felt it very important, so much so, that I feel compelled to be visible to the parishioners and almost everyone out there. Remember, a lamp can't be hidden under the bed. I need to be out there even if it takes more time out of my day. Last night, was great to share and I hope I was able to spread a little good news out there.

Bonjour mes amis,



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