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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Works of Mercy....who benefits?

A blessed day and a Happy New year to all! Mike, my brother aspirant and I have been talking about presenting Communion to the hospital here on weekends. For some time now I thought about this,shared this with Mike, and he got the green light from Fr. Mark to do this. This being my first time going to the hospital I thought it would be better if we  went together. We met at Church to pick up the Blessed Sacrament. 

Mike mentioned that it shouldn't take very long. We anticipated probably 5 or 6 people and were surprised to see that there were actually eleven. Mike's wife Elise works there and helped us through the process. We had a list to follow and we proceeded to meet each and every one.

There was a mixture of reactions from many. First, our parishes didn't provide Communion on weekends at the hospital which seemed to catch some off guard. Then, I'm sure there was the curiosity of who we were, and this gave us both a wonderful opportunity to share our journey with them. We were extremely well received. We had most who wanted Communion, and we had very few who said no. Today being the Feast of Mary Mother of God we made sure to pray with everyone. Those who didn't receive Communion requested and participated in prayer. We shared with everyone that they would be thought of in our Evening Prayers. We had one person in ICU who we couldn't give Communion to, or even meet, so at her door Mike and I prayed for her to be healed.

The lady in ICU was our last parishioner to meet or so we thought. On the way  back to check out I met an old friend. I asked her what she was doing there and she said that her husband was ill and she was going to see him. I mentioned to her that I didn't see his name on the list. She told me that her husband had lost his desire to attend Mass many years ago, especially since the sexual abuse scandals broke out, but she mentioned that he would always watch Mass every evening on the television. I shared that I felt he didn't lose his faith or Love for God. She was pleased and comforted by that. This man was sleeping so Mike and I prayed and implored Our Blessed Mother to intercede on our behalf for him.

We shared our journey with other staff from the hospital, and we met more parishioners who asked us to stop in. When I finished talking with a parishioner, Mike alerted to me that my old friend wanted me to come in to see her husband who had awakened. He shared with me the pains of his spiritual life and his great love for the Mass,  and that he would watch faithfully. I encouraged and listened to him to share his story. I also shared about my journey, my pains, and my joys in faith. I offered him to pray over him and he agreed. I can't describe in words the inner peace that I received from this. A calm still was in the room and even though there were two patients nurses, etc. all I could feel was the gentlemen, his wife, myself and Our Lord.


Mike asked what I thought of the experience, again I was lacking the words. Mike stated it best..."I think we receive so much from this experience." Amen!

Mike and I will be alternating weekends to care,comfort, and counsel the sick. I know I was truly moved by what happened today. I am so looking forward to my next visit in 2 weeks.

God Bless you all! Today we pray for the sick, those Mike and I met today; the special request from our brother aspirants, and all those in hospitals, nursing homes, and the home bound.

Adieu mes amis!


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