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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Practice, Practice, We're Talking About Practice?

Anybody who follows professional sports at all will definitely remember this line.The quote comes from NBA star Alan Iverson who was frustrated by his coach who ridiculed him and fined him for missing practice, and not really putting in a strong effort when he was there. I remember quite well how foolish I thought he looked for making those comments. I also felt he thought too highly of himself, that he didn't need to waste his time putting a full effort, or really practicing his craft. After all he was an NBA superstar, why did he need to practice?

I use to coach girl's basketball and always stressed practicing the fundamentals with them. I reminded them that it might be boring, repetitive, and at times not very fruitful, but someday they will realize the value in what they did. All the girl's no matter what their level of skill was improved. They got it! They would actually beg me to set up extra practices to sharpen their skills.  I was so proud of them for their effort.

So where am I going with this you say? Today I read my daily reflection from the Word Among Us and the message today was that we need to practice our faith through the fundamentals of prayer, reflection, and asking our Lord for help. Bingo! The Alan Iverson quote immediately popped into my head. It's amazing how I thought he appeared to be so above everything, and quite arrogant.

I began to imagine Jesus our Coach trying to get me and everyone to just spend time practicing our faith. Say our prayers, smile, talk to a stranger, help out someone in need, be a minister in the marketplace. At times in my life I was Alan Iverson so to speak. Come on Jesus we're talking about practice? . Alan Iverson doesn't look as bad to me anymore, because at times I see myself telling my Coach the same thing. So today, begins a new challenge to really focus on the fundamentals and really practice my faith. I'm sure with the proper attitude, and determination my Coach will be proud of my effort.

Adieu mes Amis,


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