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Friday, March 30, 2012

A message of Hope!

It's Tuesday evening and Mike and I are heading to Plymouth when Terry gives me a call. She has rarely called me on class night. It obviously was something very important that she had to share. I got an email from another Candidate Brother and it was a message that just couldn't wait. One thing that I have learned in my studies is that when you do receive a message, it can be from someone you least likely expect. Ironically they like this one, are special because they come from the heart!

The message was reaffirming what I had written in a posting how we are all being targeted by the evil one. These complications, distractions, and frustrations can at times feel too much to handle. The message reminded us how far we have traveled together and that we must be patient and persevere through these challenges. 

It was a wonderful message of hope and it came at just the right time. This class has to be the most challenging course to date. There's a lot of thinking going on by some very strong intellectuals that are difficult to follow and they are definitely on another level.

So the message of Hope is there...."hang in there, don't despair, just go with the flow!" Allow the Lord to lead you and trust that He'll always be there!

The message was definitely inspiring and without a doubt was inspired.

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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