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Saturday, March 31, 2012

You're handling it better!

How do you like reading and following directions. I know most of you and myself included would say that it isn't something men do very often, or very well. Probably so, but as age seems to catch up on us maybe a hint of intelligence comes forward. At the store we had to reset a sixteen foot section for brushes and rollers. Yes, we do carry a very large assortment of tools for the painting trade. My part time employee held off on doing this alone after reading that it should take only 4 hours with two people. Either we are slow or someone who had never done this before took a stab at how long it would take. Double that time for our store with a little more needed to apply the finishing touches. 

Well the day is winding down and my assistant manager offers a comment..."You're handling this year better than last year!" I looked at her a little puzzled at first and then said..."You mean school right?" and she said yes! She told me that I don't seem so stressed out, and that she can't quite figure out how I've been able to manage everything. What an awesome compliment. Honestly though, I'm not so sure how I've been able to do it myself. It's only through the grace of God that any of us have been able to persevere through these challenges.

We have one class left from our current course that I won't be able to attend. I have already made a commitment that I just can't give up. I'll be working on my paper this week and I will be watching the "video" of the last class with Mike on the 12th. 

Enjoy the break everybody and I ask the Lord to shower all of you with His blessings during this very Holy Week!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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