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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I thought you were a sinner just like me?

This past week has been just incredible. I am so proud of what I am aspiring to be that I can't help but share the good news with everyone. My wife at times cringes to send me out to run errands, she warns me not to talk to anyone. There aren't any quick pops into almost anyplace. Two events stand out for me this past week.

First on Christmas eve Terry sent me to the IGA to pick up some items to make homemade bread (the same that she brought to our last formation weekend.) I was doing really well for the most part until I met one of my customers Steve. Steve talked to me about his paint projects, and commented about my resignation from the board. I mentioned to him that I am studying to be a deacon in the church and that the studies needed more attention and so I had to resign from the board. His comment was..."Mitch, I thought you were a sinner like me?" and I said..."I am! And this is something I really want to do!" Steve has always been a great customer and a friend, and shared his best wishes for me. Again, his support was very sincere, but I believe that there are some inner questions  that are lingering that will probably pop up some day.

On Sunday, I love going to church with Terry and my folks. We take them to church at Holy Family in Gorham. Following mass someone congratulated me for studying to be a deacon and offered to pray for me. I have said it before, and I'll say it again I am so blessed by the support I am receiving by all. After mass, we went out to eat. After the meal was done another parishioner asked me a question..."So when will we be seeing you in church?", remember I said in my profile sometimes I'm corny, I said "Every Sunday!" I knew what she meant, but I couldn't resist. She was very nice about it, and before you knew it we all spent about an extra 45 minutes talking together.

I never tire from discussing my journey. There is such a sense of pride and joy in me that I really need to share. I'm not really one that loves to talk about himself, but this is different because it really isn't about me. It's about the work of the Lord and the needs of his people. This part of me can't go away. I need to be available out there in the world, and share the Good News! This wonderful lady asked how long will it take to be a deacon, and then said "Please hurry, we really need you!" There is so much of a need out there, and God willing I may be his instrument.



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