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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

" And you will reap a harvest of Transformation "

Something has been lacking in my life this spring, something I really enjoy doing with Terry. Allergies have prevented me from working anywhere near the garden. Other than the perennials, the weeds, and Terry's Begonias it is rather wild  in my back yard. So with relief finally on its way I will be spending some time in the garden this weekend, attacking the weeds being first on the agenda. Yeah, you hear it all the time that there is something magical about working the soil, and it is also a hot topic in the Bible.

This morning as usual I gathered with my friends for morning prayer. I have been getting up earlier and I have been there to spend some time reading the Bible and also the Word Among Us. Today's reflection (I'm sure you have already guessed) was about sowing and harvesting.  One phrase got me to stop and reflect "and you will reap a harvest of transformation!" Wow! There was a flood gate open with so much rushing inside of me. All I could think of is this all starts by planting a tiny seed.

No wonder Our Lord would use this to describe so much about our faith. I was thinking about how much work is needed just to prep the soil, plant, nurture, weed, a seasons worth of effort to produce something special. In typical fashion when harvesting came around I would always share my good fortune with joy.

The Lord plants the seed of faith in us and through his graces we can, and will receive this harvest of transformation. Think about your lives and how much you have changed by working your faith, nurturing it, weeding out the bad habits in our lives, and then look back and see the results. Then we need to share our good fortunes and joy with everyone we meet so they can harvest a transformation in their lives.

This reflection had me all pumped up today. I really couldn't wait to share this with all of you. At work I have been weeding out some attitude adjustments that were needed. The retail world has changed and will continue to change, it can get frustrating if you let it or you can embrace the change and be happy. Today I embraced change and I was definitely better for it.

Bonsoir et Adieu mes Amis,


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