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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let me take you on a journey!

Another reflection of this past weekend and we are at day two of the final retreat. We all awaken to such a wonderful and beautiful morning. Living in a solar challenged region of the state I can't help but enjoy a very beautiful sunny day. The day will even be better when I will be joined by my love!

There are a few highlights of this day, the weather, a campfire that evening (pictures available later), and a unique exercise that I had never done. Dean and Sue separated the men from the women and we were told to bring whatever we wanted to relax and be comfortable. Some brought pillows, a few joked around that maybe some of us would fall asleep, and I think as far as the men were concerned we all found a comfortable spot.

We were asked to close our eyes and listen to the music playing softly, we were then asked to tighten up each and every limb and gradually relax them, and then the guided journey began. We all traveled to the Holy Land and met with Our Lord and Peter, and I also thought of St. Paul. We were asked to gaze out and imagine being with them talking with them. We were then asked to look at moments in our lives both pleasant and very unpleasant. We were asked after each time to face Our Lord and look into his eyes and speak with Him.

I know that I was extremely moved with many emotions including tears; both of joy and of remembering the times I was hurt. Several times I had to wipe away the tears and the best moments was sharing them with Our Lord. My relationship with Jesus was brought to a new level and it seems that every time we gather as a group I come away with something special. This day didn't disappoint at all.

Terry and Elise joined us later that afternoon and I'm sure Mike felt the same way that I did, "we are now complete." I have been so blessed to have someone so special that loves to share this journey with me. She really loves to gather with us all, and I sense a very strong bond with the ladies. When I arrived on Friday I kept hearing "Where's Terry?"

Well Saturday night several groups of people gathered in their own way, some sitting and sharing time, others playing cribbage, and some of us gathering at a campfire and having Reese's Smores. Yeah, they are awesome, and you'll all have to join us the next time to find out how great they are. Terry and I were very excited and loved sharing time with those who gathered with us.

Well tomorrow will wrap up the reflections of the weekend. I will do my best to post my final reflection tomorrow, as I have a graduation to attend and I will be handing out my final diplomas to my niece and nephew as a former member of the Berlin Board of Education.

Adieu mes Amis,


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