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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back to Ordiary Time!

With the Spirit of Pentecost still with us all, we now move into ordinary time. Are your lives ordinary? I know my life isn't, as we all deal with daily issues that are far from the ordinary. This week has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I am finally getting over the sinus infection and enjoying the outdoors again, I celebrated the graduation of my niece and nephew last Friday by handing their diplomas to them, Terry is working again, my Bruins won the Stanley Cup, and then Friday came.

Yesterday my emotions were all over the place. I started the weekday like I have been since Holy Week, morning prayer in the Adoration Chapel. My partners didn't join me so I prayed alone and that was good. We then move to work where my assistant will be on leave for surgery to help her hear better. We were fine most of the day but the fear of the unknown lingered. I trust in my Lord, but like Peter I worry too. My sister called and asked for prayers for my brother in law who has prostate cancer. I ask all of you to please remember these two people in your prayers.

Then my best friend called me and shared two events, the death of a mother of a very dear friend in RI and also that her daughter was giving birth to her first grand daughter. Wow, this day was far from ordinary at all.

So how do you change things up when it gets tough? Well, Terry said let's have a fire and invite people over. We started a fire and that helped, next my buddy and his wife showed up and then his children popped by to say hello (the graduates). It was great just being with people.

This morning I got up, cleaned up a bit, and headed to the Adoration Chapel to do Morning Prayers and just be with the Lord. Morning Prayers have not been the issue for me, Evening Prayers pose many challenges. Life gets busy, issues come up, and fatigue is one of them. One night this week I remembered either reading or hearing from someone how Evening Prayer is a challenge. I had one night that I convinced myself that I was too tired, and then a thought came to mind to just do it! I relaxed and said my prayers and really enjoyed the time. I still feel challenged as this morning I did both last nights and this mornings prayers.

I guess that's the way it is in Ordinary Time!

Adieu mes Amis,


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