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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let's get busy!

What I love the most about being on vacation is not having to worry about time, especially having to keep a tight schedule. Every morning our small group gathers to reshape our lives and gather to pray to get our lives in order. Mike joined us this morning and I couldn't help but think about the movie Of Gods and Men. I was thinking how often we would see the monks in prayer and those moments were the focal point of their lives. Prayer time gets me going and communal prayer is just so awesome. I would recommend everyone to gather regularly with a few friends.

I attended Mass with my folks early today with plans to visit my daughter later. Fr. Mark was the celebrant and he has such a remarkable way of getting the Good News across to all of us. He spoke about people with their heads in the clouds and those who were well grounded. He talked about how the Apostles were just staring into the clouds after the Ascension of Our Lord. Not only is he verbally skilled in his homilies, he demonstrated much to the amusement of the congregation. He reminded us that some people look back at the Church of 50 years ago, and some worry about what the Church will be in 50 years from now. He then said we must learn to trust in the Holy Spirit like the early Church did and let the Spirit move us today and keep ourselves moving towards the Lord and grow the Church.

He really got me, because this was one of the issues I wrote about in my last paper. That there are many things we can worry about, dwindling attendance, abuse problem, moral relativism, money, etc., but we must not lose focus on getting our work done by keeping ourselves busy in the Lord. We need to look to today, take care of today, not be so nostalgic nor worry too much of the future, we need to let God's plan unfold through the Holy Spirit. The time is now.......

"Let's get busy!"

Adieu mes Amis,


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