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Sunday, June 12, 2011

" Et avec votre Esprit "

Yeah, I know two in one day! Just call it the power of the Spirit moving me. The Roman Missal as we are well aware of will be changing later this year. For some of us the changes will be drastic and yet for those who are bilingual in the Latin or Romantic Languages the changes will not be so drastic.

As you all I know I grew up in a French Canadian parish in Berlin and the Mass was offered in both languages. While growing up there were more French Masses than English. So when the Celebrant said "Le Seigneur soit avec Vous, our response was et avec votre Esprit!" In english we would respond "The Lord is with you, and also with you!" And now we will be responding "and with your Spirit!" This is an excellent translation from the french language.

So in this time where we are focusing on the Holy Spirit the new Missal came to mind and also how the Spirit is moving me. Yesterday I received a call which was a little bit about business but mostly a call to congratulate me on the Rite of Candidacy and he offered his prayers and support. He encouraged me to persevere in my journey and to remember that I must be reliant on the Spirit to carry me along. I was so moved by his love and support that I realized that I really need everyone to carry me along this journey. My family, friends, parishioners, and the entire Church is carrying me and all my brothers along this journey. Needless to say this call was very emotional and moving for me.

I wish you all a Blessed Pentecost today and let's us all remember to be ready for that wind, and fire to enter into us and moving us along!

Adieu mes Amis!


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