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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How are you going to do it?

Tonight, I'm sitting back and reflecting on what has been happening in the last few days. On Sunday I was preparing to head to the hospital for weekend Ministry when I met up with Fr. Mark who asked me to come with him to the prison instead. I thought for just a moment and said sure, I guess I shocked him by the response and he said he was just kidding. If I haven't mentioned it before Prison Ministry is something that challenges everything inside of me. I have been in there before and I've seen the cold hard stares that just pierce right through you, despite that I guess it was the fact that I could go with someone I respect greatly that made respond yes so quickly.

The time spent in the hospital was again, awesome. I met people that I knew and respected and just being there for them was a gift to me. This was probably my shortest stay there and even though it was, it was as special because of the faith that I could see and feeling the Presence of Our Lord.

Monday was a normal day spending time early in the morning with my son, taking him to meet up with his ride to work. We talked about work, sports, and people, it was nice. I received some tough news that a friend battling cancer had passed away. He was a man with many talents and passions and shared those with many youths in our community. His love and inspiration will never be forgotten and will be deeply missed. Rest in Peace my friend. I worked hard to get our deliveries done so I could leave early and spend more time with Terry who was off that day. We had supper with family, and just being with people you love is such a tremendous gift.

Today I worked alone, I have my assistant out of work until next Tuesday and we have been very busy in the store. I had a customer who is also a parishioner come in to pick up paint and he asked me "how are you going to do it?"  Are you going to quit your job? That question doesn't ever seem to go away. I assured him that I love my work and that I need to work to support my family. Now to answer his question, I told him that for many years I have volunteered in many organizations and that the commitment for a Deacon is to serve 10 to 12 hours a week. Again he asked, "but how?" He also mentioned that there was so much to do and he felt that it should be a full time job. I had to pause and reflect and assure him that with the help of the Holy Spirit and mostly if God is willing I will serve to the best of my talents. I realize that the need is great, but I've learned that balance must be in order to serve willingly, faithfully, and joyfully. I realize that there maybe times I spend more than the hours required, but I also know that we all need to do it together.

Thinking about this a little more, the next time I think I will answer....................."How are we going to do it??"

Adieu et Bonsoir mes Amis,


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  1. This reminded me of what Pope Benedict XVI said when he learned he'd been elected Pope. He basically said, 'Ok God. If you want this, you have to make it happen!' It seems that every one who wants to give of themselves in a particular ministry, from parenting to the Chair of Peter, asks that same question of God. And somehow, He makes it all happen!