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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Candle Room!

Today is Sunday, and I have a full plate on my agenda. I want to finish my final paper for our Catholic Moral Theology course, I want to spend some time with my folks, and I also want to spend time in the hospital. 

Bright and early this morning I continued with the final paper. My topic will be about the Sin of Complacency, and I've written this for my local Knight's of Columbus group. I was inspired by our teacher with the thoughts he presented to me, and this idea came to mind. The Knight's raised a substantial sum of money to do some good will in our community. Like in all things it would be easy to pat ourselves on the back and feel that we have done great, and maybe enough. In our class, in our faith, we hear the Lord calling us to do more. To clothe the naked, care for the sick, visit the prisoners, feed the hungry and the thirsty, etc. I've loved this class and really enjoyed writing this paper. 

At about 10 am I left the house to go to the Church to pick up the Blessed Sacrament. I've prepared myself for a whole bunch of people, and I've also prepared myself for the unusual to happen. The very nice lady at the front desk was waiting for me with my list of people to see. It was a long list with a few familiar names. 

My usual time in the hospital has been an hour and a half, and earlier I told you that I was prepared for anything different. As I neared the end of my visits I came across the room of a very ill man and prayed outside his room. A very nice lady said..."that's really nice that you prayed for him!" I then visited the room next to his and when I was leaving the nice lady spoke to me again. She said..."You know, this is the candle room, and this room is for those who are getting ready to die! It was great that you prayed outside of his room, but you really should go inside so he can hear you! He maybe dying but he would probably love to hear your prayer!" I was stunned, and also very glad to know what the Candle Room was and that an angel of the Lord spoke to me on how I can touch His Children.  She tried to apologize for being so forward, but I thanked her for helping me be a better minister. 

This visit by far was the longest that I've ever had. The amount of time today wasn't the most important point, rather it was that I learned so much about our divine-human relationship. Christ can and will use me to touch people with my hands, and also my voice. As I learn to give up my life to Christ, I'm feeling  even more amazed as how my life is changing.

When an Angel of the Lord speaks, I need to learn to listen!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,



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