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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Third Degree!

Even though we are on "school break" my life is still in high gear. Our busy season at work begins in April and will continue until October. We obviously have a little overlap between the two. So far so good with 2 years under our belt.

This week business wise was an "event" as the company provided an incentive for our customers to buy, and an incentive for us to sell. I really love competition, regardless if there is any benefit involved. I love competing, and I really love to fire up my team to lay it all on the line no matter what the outcome is. Tomorrow morning I'll find out who was the lucky winner.

On Friday Terry and I took a trip to Manchester for two reasons. First we left early so I could order my "dress" as Terry calls it, actually it's an alb. I talked to the very nice lady and she asked what I wanted. I said "one with a hood", Terry said "so he can be a Deacon in the Hoods!" She continued by asking why would you want one with a hood. Obviously, they aren't the most popular, but I shared my reasons:

  1. I was an altar server as a boy, and I continued that when my son was growning up.
  2. I went to the seminary at St. Meinrad's the same as our Bishop, so in honor of those who taught me I wanted a hooded alb.
  3. The four of us from Plymouth talked about being the Deacons in the Hood!
So I have a hooded alb on order to be picked up at a later date. Terry's best friend lives in Manchester and we decided to spend some time with them. We had supper with them, we sat up late in the evening to talk, and then we spent most of the day with them also. We attended Mass at the Church of the Holy Transfiguration on Kelly St. and met up with Fr. John who taught me a class in Plymouth a little over a year ago.

Today was another day that would be full of things to do. Terry and I got up early and checked out the progress of our garden, and then she went to work and I prepared myself for the Third Degree exemplification in Berlin. Mike and I are now Third Degree members of the Knights.

Tonight I will wrap up the evening by going ..................BOWLING!

It's been two weeks since I went bowling and I'm really anxious to get back to the lanes.

Well, the busyness in my life won't end any time soon! Actually, knowing me it will never really end.

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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