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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

See the Word, Get the Word, Give the Word!

Year two is now a wrap for all the Deacon Candidates and their spouses. This was such a great weekend to celebrate. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, the reunion of our community was great, our celebration on Saturday was awesome, and the Retreat was a great preparation for what is to come.

This title speaks from our learning how to be even more effective as Lectors (Readers) and eventually (God Willing) Permanent Deacons. We had Dr. Anne teaching us, inspiring us, and presenting to us the best way to look upon our new ministry. I say new because for me, it really feels like something different, something new.

We began the weekend reflecting upon the prayer, the words that we would hear on Saturday. We began the weekend as we do every time we read, we try to see the Word. This time we were taught to look beyond what we can see. We need to dig deeper and deeper into the Word. We learned that we need to read each and every line and then do what everyone does, and that is to develop questions that could come to mind.

I personally felt that this phrase summed up very well who we are as Christians. "Community gets built within a conversation, we are social beings and we need each other to grow." I couldn't help but feel that our Communities will only grow when our conversations come alive and become the central part of our lives.

This pretty much reflects well what happened on Friaday evening and leading up to the "big event!" I will post more tomorrow and will continue to share a little more each and everyday how this weekend reshaped my life!"

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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