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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Who moved?

Wednesday evening our faith community celebrated the confirmation of our young men and women in our parishes. Mike and I were very blessed to be able participate as lectors in the Mass. With a great front row seat we were able to get a great view, and we were able to listen to everything that was going on. 

I won't drag on much longer why the title of this is who moved. Abbott Matthew from St. Anselm's College was present and it was a joy to have him here. He shared some great insight and then he cut to the chase, if God is always constant, and always there for us, why do we feel lost or abandoned when life gets difficult? Who moved?

Obviously it is us! It essentially is about relationships, and how close we are to Our Lord. We move so quickly, we easily get distracted, and take our relationship for granted, and as sinners we fall away. 

We moved, we walked away, we didn't make that extra effort to stay in touch! 

Those were very powerful words and an awesome lesson for all of us to hear.

So like all of us, I need to get back on track and move in the right direction, which is closer and closer to my Lord!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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  1. Hello Mitch,

    Congrats and God bless on completing your second year of formation. I have also just completed my second year down here in the Diocese of Charlotte NC. Your class is a little larger than ours of 15 men. I wish you and your brothers in Christ God's Blessings as you continue your studies.

    I enjoyed your post "Who moved". Our pastor delivered a sermon on the same topic but used the illustration of a husband and wife. That one day while on a drive, the wife said to the husband "when we were first married, we would sit next to each other and hold hands when we took these drives. Now after all these years the you are all the way over there and I'm over here. We never hold hands or you never put your arm around me, what happened?". The husband looked lovingly at his wife and said "I didn't move". Same idea, different story.

    Again, good luck in your continued studies. Peace,
    Joe Diaz