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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dear Sons in Christ:

It is Saturday June 9th and we are being prepped for the Institution of Lectors, which is one of the remaining minor orders of the Church. There were quite a few minor orders and now there are two, Lector and Acolyte. The event that we are about to participate in is reserved for those who will be ordained Deacons.

The night before we each received a copy of the prayer that will be said by Bishop Peter:

"Dear sons in Christ:

Through his Son, who became man for us, God the Father has revealed the mystery of salvation and brought it to fulfillment. Jesus Christ made all things known to us and then entrusted his Church with the mission of preaching the Gospel to the whole world.

As readers and bearers of God's word, you will assist in this mission, and so take on a special office within the Christian community; you will be given a responsibility in the service of the faith, which is rooted in the word of God. You will proclaim that word in the liturgical assembly, instruct children and adults in the faith and prepare them to receive the sacraments worthily. You will bring the message of salvation to those who have not yet received it. Thus with your help men and women will come to know God our Father and his Son Jesus Christ, whom he sent, and so be able to reach eternal life.

In proclaiming God's word to others, accept it yourselves in obedience to the Holy Spirit. Meditate on it constantly, so that each day you will have a deeper love of the Scriptures, and in all you say and do show forth to the world our Savior,
Jesus Christ.

We were all asked to ponder on the power of a phrase that moves us, and as you can well see there are quite a few of them in this Prayer or calling.

With family and friends in attendance we all became part of something old and also very new. It is a very old ceremony, but also very new to us as candidates. Our ministry as Lectors (Readers) carries immense responsibilities and duties. In the past two years I have prepared myself better to read, and now it has all changed.

We were each called one by one by name to be present in the Lord, show reverance to our Bishop, and soon come forth to be instituted as Lectors. Each and every one of us presented ourselves on our knees to the Bishop holding the Sacred Scriptures and receiving this wonderful gift.

As I knelt before the Bishop I kept my head bowed, then I raised by head and looked into his eyes. He then looked at me and continued the prayer. When I looked into his eyes I was so touched by this event. I could see and hear the Lord calling and speaking to me.  I kissed the Scriptures and then like everyone else returned to my pew.

In it's simplicity this event was so powerful to all of us, and I know that we are all changed by this experience.

After the Mass we all gathered for pictures and then we all sat down as family, reclining, eating, and just enjoying our time together.

I will try to post some pictures if I can get them, but I can honestly tell you that when I read this weekend at Mass it will be different. I will be better prepared and hopefully through the grace of God that when I proclaim the word, everyone will get the word!

Bonjour et Adieu mes amis,


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