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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And you my child shall be called the prophet of the Most High!

This was the title of my last paper for the Old Testament class. I researched the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah. I initially tried to overload the paper with facts and information on these two prophets and then during Mass early Sunday morning it hit me. Too much! What was the point? What did I really learn?

I started over, not totally from scratch because the information was extremely useful. I first changed the title from really listening to my morning prayers. I got it! Who is the child to be the prophet of the Most High? We are! By our Baptism we becom Priest, Prophet, and King. I am not diminishing the other two, because my paper relates to being a prophet.

A few things stood out for me. First we have a willing and eager choice Isaiah..."Here I am; I said; send me" Isaiah 6:8, and then Jeremiah...."Ah Lord God!" I said " I know not how to speak; I am too young." Jeremiah 1:6. I could literally see myself in both of the prophets.  At times I am the willing an eager one, and then I can doubt myself and say " Ah, God are you sure about this?"

The next interesting discovery I made was both prophets were touched on the mouth. Isaiah by a seraphim with a burning ember to prurify him, and Jeremiah by the hand of God over his mouth. Hum! Where else do I see this? At Mass by the Celebrant before they procailm the Gospel. Coincidence, no! God prepared them to preach the Word out there and make a change despite their inadaquacies. This actually encouraged me by really not worrying what to say out there, I am learning to let God do the work through me!

Finally I ended the paper with a short reflection from an Advent Meditation booklet written by Fr. Patrick Hannon C.S.C. The booklet is titled Hearts & Voices and the the words that inspired me were these.."And we, who through our baptism in Christ, have been anointed prophets, will with every act of love testify to this truth. The prophet's heart will not be stilled. The prophet's voice will not be silenced."
Hearts & Voices by Fr. Patrick Hannon C.S.C. page 13

Bonjour, Notre Sauveur est proche (Good day our Savior is near)

Adieu mes amis!


Finally I ended with a reflection

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