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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I love campfires!!

Terry and I really loved this past formation weekend, and especially sharing time with our new family. Terry and I both love to go camping and especially enjoy camp fires. We have campfires both at our house, my best friends house and at the campgrounds. Terry and I asked Deacon Greg if he would be open to having a campfire at our last formation weekend. He sounded very open to the idea, not quite as excited as receiving a loaf of homemade bread but it looked promising.

The big appeal to us has been our friendships have grown by just sitting down, sharing stories, jokes, etc. I even had a theological discussion with my french Canadian uncle who is not very kind to catholics. Our children initially thought it would be boring to sit around and talk, yet it didn't take long for them to join in by sitting around the fire. Our circle of fires vary, but one thing is constant. There has never been anytime that someone wasn't welcomed, there was always room for one more, and there are no strangers. We never seem to run out of something to talk about and when the evening comes to a close the silence of the night is very comforting.

So if the answer is yes, we'll all need to probably bring folding chairs, marshmallows, smores, etc. I can't think of a better way to get to know even more of you.

Bonsoir, adieu mes amis.


PS. by the way our next fire is in Berlin at my best friends house on New Year's Eve. I'll take pictures and share them with you, and if any of you are available, remember there's always room for one more. Take care!

I had request to explain what I meant by folding chairs at a campfire. Here you will see my favorite chair at a campfire. They pack and fold nicely, easy to carry around, and they have beverage holders. There isn't a better way of getting to know someone than sitting around a beautiful fire and sharing good times!

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