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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finding Comfort in the silence of the moment......

Another Reflection from our weekend together.

There are many times I find myself drawn to certain words or phrases that I hear, and one in particular stood out for me this weekend. When we strive to encounter Jesus we must be prepared to be comfortable in the silence of the moment. We need to prepare to listen when we have a conversation with Jesus, not always feeling the need to say something. I have found that in my prayer life silence has become as important to me as the spoken prayers I do.

On a human level the first thing I thought about when I heard this was the first date I had with my wife Terry. In the past when I dated I felt uncomfortable with the silent moments that occurred and I thought I had the need to say something. When Terry and I had our very first date, we traveled to North Conway to have supper and probably go dancing or take in a movie. We had our supper together at Horsefeathers and the amazing part was from that first night together, I was very comfortable with the silence of the moment. I felt very much at ease with her. After a great supper, we decided to walk together up and down main street in Conway. We walked for a couple of hours and the time appeared to stand still, and yet two hours had passed. We were able to talk, listen, and share as we began our journey together. I was late in returning Terry back to Berlin, she was living with and caring for her grandmother. Her grandmother stayed up and asked her about the date, and said...."you have my permission to marry this one!"

I was blessed to find such a wonderful partner to share my life with, and I relate this relationship with the one I am having with Jesus right now. I am very comfortable to just listen, and enjoy the silence of the moment. Twenty Eight years ago I was taught a lesson about how wonderful a close relationship really is. This relationship has helped and inspired me to be comfortable with silence as I continue my journey with Jesus.

Tonight when I examen the day, I will work to listen and be open to what our Lord has to tell me in the silence of my heart!

Bonjour mes amis, adieu.


ps: yes this is a day off, I'm working this weekend, and I did learn that we are visual people, this picture gives me a quiet sense of peace and tranquility.

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