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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The check is in the mail....I mean the final paper was emailed!

Yes! My final paper for the Old Testament class was emailed last night! I finished it off before the Christmas Eve deadline, 2010 according to Deacon Greg. There are no mulligans this time, and quite frankly I know I wouldn't need it. I'm not saying that it would get published anywhere, but I did the time, put in the effort and I like the results. Even the boss (my wife Terry) thought it was good and she noted that the papers are getting better. Go figure! Obviously I needed the extra time in my life afforded me by giving up on something, thanks Fr. Dennis!

The next class for our little group (remember we have room in Plymouth!!!) starts January 27th with our New Testament course. Our instructor is going to be Fr. Robert Biron. Hum, french name maybe a Berlin Boy! Yup, sure is. His dad had a barber shop on main street right next to the the Princess Theatre (Now called TBA). Yes, we are starting a little later than everyone else. We had a couple of conflicts with some including myself so the course was delayed until the 27th. BTW it's been snowing everyday in Berlin!

Bonjour a tous, Good day to all!



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