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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Celebrating Open House In Berlin

Today we celebrated an open house with all the parish volunteers and  employees. Fr. Mark Dollard has always celebrated with his parishes an open house and from the results of today, I can see why he does this. It was an awesome time to get to know the parish employees, and volunteers in a very informal setting.
        I remember something that Fr. Dennis shared with me and I'm sure with many others, and that is that we must keep in mind that while we are trying to figure out our new leader (Fr. Mark Dollard) he's trying to do the same.

        Fr. Mark looked very pleased toward the end of the afternoon. He made an extremely kind and very heartening comment.  He said ... It's nice to have people around in the rectory. His personal and human side came out loud and clear to me. He loves his ministry, and he also loves and needs that personal friendship without talking business as he so well put.

          Fr. Steve our associate is a very kind and soft spoken priest. Without a doubt this day was as important to him as it was to us. We all received the opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

         My highlights for today were:

  • The smiles on every body's faces.
  • The opportunity to talk with new and old friends
  • The tremendous support I received from so many of them. ( I have been so blessed with support from all the parishioners.)
  • The great food that was provided.
  • But most of all that Fr. Mark and Fr. Steve seemed to feel more and more like family to all of us. (Similar to what is happening in our community of Aspirants)
Bonsoir, Adieu

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