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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Touched by an Angel!

Before I get started I know I'm dating myself, but I really enjoyed the television series Touched by an Angel. It was a great show that dealt with the ever day life of ordinary people and how God helped people along in their daily lives. Most of the episodes were quite dramatic changes, but sometimes the touches were gentle and subtle signs that God's presence was always there.

Today I received one of those gentle touches. A physical education and a very Christian teacher in the public school system in Berlin sent me card. He wrote a beautiful note I'd Love to share..."Dear Mitch, Congratulations on the direction your life is taking. I'm sure God will bless you as you do his work. Also, thank you for your many years of Service as a School Board member in a time when the economy makes a job like that so much more difficult. You did what you had to do with the interest of the Kids a top priority. Best wishes for the the future and thanks again." Steve Enman.

Needless to say I was very moved by this note. Terry said to me today, " another blog right?" and I said " definitely". The touching part of all of this is that it is so wonderful to know that there are people that get it. What is incredible is the timing of the note that coincides with what I wrote about in "Whisper in the Wind." Another timely word of encouragement directed by our Lord.

It has been an amazing vacation week where the Lord has been reaching out to me in so many ways, and it's only Wednesday. What else will happen this week? Only God knows for sure. Emanuel, God is with us, is manifested daily we just need to be aware that the touches maybe just gentle smiles, a thank you, and a Merry Christmas greeting.

Adieu mes Amis!


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