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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So someday you may be a man of the drop cloth?

Yes,  you read that right. I have told you all that I had resigned the school board and my peers on the board secretly arranged a few weeks ago a luncheon gathering to wish me well and recognize me for my service. The local press was there and I told him that my studies to be a deacon in the church has become a greater focus in my life. I have been approached by many who have congratulated me, offered to pray, and wished me the very best.

Today, had to be the most unusual response I have heard yet. I walked into Munce's Konvenience in Berlin where I always pick up a morning paper, Mike a regular there said, "So you're all done on the board, and I heard you are studying to be a minister!" I said "Yes it's true!" So the conversation continued about still working for Sherwin-Williams Paint Company, and I said yes I will still be working full time and that being a deacon will be done after work hours when I complete my studies.

Mike was like everyone I've talked to so far, curious, maybe incredulous, and I believe genuinely supportive. Carl, also a regular there at the store, piped in just about the end of the conversation with this remark..."So you're going to be a man of the drop cloth!" That was without a doubt the funniest comment I have ever heard. I loved it. It really got to me! I had to shake his hand and tell him that it will be in the blog that I am writing. So there you have it, Mitch Couture a man of the drop cloth.  Our Lord has such a great sense of humor, Jesus must love it too!



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