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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Celebrating the Family!

Today at Mass Fr. Mark Dollard our Pastor spoke extremely well as usual. We are so blessed here to have him leading our parishes Good Shepherd/Holy Family. He began with his typical style of relaxing everyone with a joke. Then, in a style I am getting used to is where he gets to the point in a very simple way. He doesn't preach for very long, he has  been quoted as saying "I need to sell my product within 7 minutes". This may not sound right to some, but I get it. You see, I am a salesman by career. I realize very well that information overload doesn't usually get the results. A direct and individual thought will provoke more interest and reflection.

As we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family, Fr. Mark tied in all the readings from Sirach, St. Paul, and the Gospel. Honoring our parents with a patient and kind love, ultimately brings us closer to our Father in Heaven. When we honor those who nurtured us, we grow closer in love to God.

Finally, again in a style of preaching I greatly admire father used two acronyms to bring about his message. First he shared the BIBLE,  basic information before I leave earth, something I had never heard. It rang a bell with what Deacon Greg taught us in class, that we can learn and grow in our relationship with God by reading and trying to understand the scriptures, but not all the answers in life will be found in the Bible.

The last acronym used was FAMILY, Forget About Me, I Love You! Wow, I got it. We need a true unselfish love that gives, and we must always remember that Our Lord Loves Us all!

Today, I wish for all the gift of Love! God Bless you all on this very Blessed Day!

PS: Please pray today for all our young families, the challenges, and the distractions can be overwhelming for some. I pray that they will put family and faith first in their lives!



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